February 8, 2024


The regular meeting of the Circleville Town Council was called to order at 6:00PM by Mayor Pearson. Council Members attending were:  Kristi Westwood, Stacie Gass, Shirl Fox, and.Shane Robinson.  Mekeisia Westwood, Town Clerk was also in attendance.

Public attendees were: Craig Sudweeks, Tina Sudweeks, Barbara Adams, Mike Haaland, Andrea Roter, Ray Schepke, Heather Sudweeks, Alan Sudweeks, Laurel Myers, Shaylee Coleman, Kathy Pearson, Kelly Chappell, David Lee, McKay Morgan, Brett Remund, Joe Dalton, Derrin Jensen, Wesley Jensen, Roger Fullmer, Terecea Westwood, Bryce Dalton, Tyler Dalton, Ricky Cannon, Koby Willis, Eric Torgerson, Celeste Hamm, David Hamm, Tyler Timmons, and Scott Dalton.

Mayor Pearson led the pledge, and Stacie offered the prayer to open the proceedings.  Stacie made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 11, 2023 meeting. Shirl seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Shane Robinson was sworn in as a Circleville Town Board member by Town Clerk, Mekeisia Westwood.

The regular meeting was closed at 6:03pm.  The Public Hearing for the CIB Road Project was opened at 6:03pm.  Shirl explained the plan for the CIB grant.  The plan is to create an alternate truck route for local truck traffic.  The plan is to pave from Highway 89 to 100 East along 930 south.  The Bridge on 930 south would have to be replaced.  Townspeople voiced their concern as to whether this would grow to be something bigger.  Word had spread around town that this would be a two lane road with lines and become an alternate highway.  This is not the case. The purpose is to provide local truck traffic a way to local businesses that doesn’t require them to drive through town.  The matched funds from the Town would be from their limited B&C Roads funds.  Without the grant, Circleville Town would have to save for 30+ years to do this project.  It was discussed if we could forgo fixing the bridge and pave Sandy Lane.  Townspeople were wondering if this would even help with the truck traffic in town.  Most people use GPS to get places and GPS would still take them the same way.  They wondered how drivers would know how to use the new road.  Shirl said that would be up to businesses to let drivers know to use the road.  Shirl asked people in attendance for their opinions.  Kristi explained that the Circleville Town Board’s idea was not meant to be regulatory, it was meant to be an improvement.  It was  suggested again that maybe a better option would be to pave Sandy Lane.  Shirl thought that was a good idea and would look into it.  If it was changed which road we want to pave, the scope of work for CIB would have to be revised.  Mayor Pearson closed the public hearing at 6:50pm. The regular board meeting was opened back up at 6:52.

Derrin Jensen was in attendance asking for a site permit.  He is wanting to build a shop by his house.  The planning commission approved the site permit.  Stacie made a motion to approve the site permit, and Kristi seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  

Eric Torgerson was in attendance as a building inspector. He is helping the other towns in the county.  He would help with the inspections of new builds. Circleville Town would collect the money and then the Town would pay him for his service.  The Circleville Town Board is going to discuss this and talk about it at the March meeting.

Kelly Chappell gave an update on the water project.  Rocky Mountain Power should be coming to do the power extension.  The tank contractor will get started when the land dries out.  

The mayor called on those not on the agenda. Joe Dalton was in attendance to discuss his water meter.  He has a 1-inch water meter and doesn’t have any water pressure.  He is wanting to put in a sprinkler system and needs more water pressure.  

The Mayor opened the floor to the Departments. 

Parks & Recreation/Economic Development: Circleville Town birthday celebration will be March 18.  

Road Department:  Shirl would like to fix some of the drainages on the lower side of Town.  

Planning and Zoning/Cemetery: The CDBG grant has been submitted for a cemetery fence.  The Planning and Zoning committee meets every 2nd Thursday at 5:00.  To get on their agenda please contact David Lee at 435-590-4279.

The bills and budget variance reports were presented and reviewed by the council.  Stacie made a motion to approve the bills and budget variance reports and adjourn;  Shane seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:23pm.

[Disclaimer: This document is a transcription. While it is believed to be current and accurate, it is not warranted to be so. Should any inaccuracies or omissions be found, please notify for correction. Divergence from the original in format and pagination are to be expected. As a transcription, this is not a legal document in itself, and should not be considered binding, but merely a convenience for reference by the Community. Copies of the original document can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Clerk, Town of Circleville, Utah.]