The regular meeting of the Circleville Town Council was called to order at 5:02 PM by Mayor Koby Willis. Council Members attending were: Shirl Fox, Shane Robinson, Kristi Westwood, and Kirk Fullmer. Mekeisia Westwood, Town Clerk was also in attendance.

Public attending were: Mike Dalton, Neccia Dalton, Matt Whittaker, Kelly Chappell, Troy Robinson, Tanner Gleave, and Kenzie Gleave.

Mayor Willis led the pledge and then Mekeisia offered the prayer to open the proceedings. Kirk made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 2, 2020 meeting. Shirl seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

First on the agenda, Tyler Dalton was needing a site permit for a garage. The motion was tabled until next month.

Next on the agenda, Neccia was asking for a business license for Homestead Designs. She is going to do designs and screen-printing. Kirk made a motion to approve the business license, and Kristi seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

Mike Dalton was next. He was needing a water meter for a lot on 870 South. Kirk made a motion to approve the meter. Shane seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Tanner Gleave was next on the agenda. They are wanting a site permit for a lot on 470 North. Kirk made a motion. Kristi seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

The Mayor called on those not on the agenda. There were none.

The Second Well project was discussed next. Kelly Chappell from Ensign Engineering was here to discuss the options. The town is looking into putting in a second well. The board discussed location possibilities. The Mayor explained that the second well would serve as both a back up to the current well, which is very old, and an additional water source.

The current well pumps water directly into the distribution lines and cannot therefore be treated before going to homes. In the event that the town water needed to be treated, there is not a way to do so currently with the well water. If the second well was placed close to the water tanks a seperate line could be run to the water tanks from the well allowing the water to be treated in the tank before it goes into distribution.
The town council discussed placing the second well on the vacant lot west of the cemetery. The greatest challenge of this location would be getting three phase power to the well house and the separate line to the tanks would require going over BLM property.

The council discussed placing the option of placing the well on the south side of town in hopes that it would be cheaper as there are many places where three phase power is available and it may be a small help with some pressure and fire flow problems on that side of town. The council decided to take more time to think about the options discussed and bring it back for discussion again in March.

Next the council discussed CIB projects for the coming years. The Mayor explained that he would really like to pursue CIB funding for a park behind the clinic. The council reviewed a drawing of a possible park on that lot. The council went through a list of possible features the park could include. The council was split about including a splash pad and pickle ball courts. The council was unified in thinking it would need a big group pavilion, a small playground, plumbed restrooms, and a large grass area. There was also discussion about including a walking path, horseshoe pits, a fence around the community garden, and a maintenance shed.

The Mayor explained that if the project was $300,000 the Town could contribute up to $75,000 from fund balance, the town could fundraise for $25,000, and then request the other $200,000 from CIB.

The town council discussed the future of the town maintenance position. The council expressed thanks to Troy for filling in and completing the projects the council had requested be completed. The Mayor explained that he felt the position worked better as an hourly position than a salary position. Troy asked if the town would consider allowing the position to bank weekly hours over 40 in the summer to get through the winter. The concept is along the same line of thinking as the 12 month equal salary concept, but may have better accountability if hours still have to be recorded. The council decided to make a decision about the position in the March meeting.

Kirk Fullmer asked the council if cremated remains buried on top of or in between other cemetary plots still had to pay for a plot. The council had decided that if there will be a head stone or if they will be taking an unused plot they would still pay for the plot.

Shirl Fox asked that the council discuss how the town can better enforce citizens getting a site permit before starting building projects. It was discussed that the cost of the site permit should be $50 more if the project has already been started and that if the permit is not approved the structure may still have to be removed.
The Mayor said he would work with the Clerk to put those guidelines on the site permit application and bring it to the March meeting for approval.

The town council discussed the crosswalk workers wages. Shirl Fox made the motion to give a $1.00/hour raise and Shane Robinson seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Next, the Mayor opened the floor to departments.

Shane Robinson discussed delinquent water bills and how to get payment from the few that are behind. The water policy says that the water will be shut off after two months of no payments. The council recommended that Shane shut off those meters.

The bills and budget variance reports were presented and reviewed by the council. Kristi Westwood made a motion to approve the bills and budget variance reports and adjourn; Shirl Fox seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.

[Disclaimer: This document is a transcription. While it is believed to be current and accurate, it is not warranted to be so. Should any inaccuracies or omissions be found, please notify for correction. Divergence from the original in format and pagination are to be expected. As a transcription, this is not a legal document in itself, and should not be considered binding, but merely a convenience for reference by the Community. Copies of the original document can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Clerk, Town of Circleville, Utah.]