Circleville, Utah Butch Cassidy's Cabin
The Northern Gateway to the National Parks


The Sevier River flows though Circleville and is famous for German Brown and Rainbow Trout fishing. Just north of Circle Valley is the Piute State Park. Ice fishing in the winter, and both the Piute and Otter Creek State Park are near by.

Fishing for Trout and the Occasional Small Mouth Bass

The meandering brooks in our forests, a peaceful river thru the valley, the tranquil streams up in the mountains and high altitude reservoirs make our area a magical place for fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Fishing for trout in moving water is a completely different experience than still water fishing (there is a mystical reverence in the art). In moving water you must think like a fish. It is the art, science and cunning of the hunt that draws us. The stealth of your approach, the presentation, the skill that controls how your chosen fly or lure drifts by that feeding trout, are all aspects that contribute to your success in fishing these waters.

We relish the hunt, but our better nature understands the need to protect what we cherish. Fishing lets us do both. The basic techniques needed to fish moving waters can be learned in only a few minutes but practice can lead to a life time of enjoyment.

It's time you come and explore this tremendous resource and find that true "Pure Utah Fishing Experience" of a lifetime. Start your adventure by checking Circle Valley Anglers' website.